Ti 36x pro vs casio 991ex

Check Price. Best Pick. General Specifications. FXES Plus. About the Product. A high performance scientific calculator with high resolution display increasing the amount of information displayed and super fast calculation speed for testing or performing the most advance mathematics.

High resolution LCD screen allows viewing of more information like spreadsheets and 4x4 matrix calculations. For middle school, high school and college math courses. Height Width Depth Weight. Display Type. Display Size. Touch Screen. What customers say about "Display". PC Connectivity. Battery Type. LR44 GPA76 x 1. Pre-Loaded Applications. Natural textbook display, Over functions, Built-in solar cell, Simultaneous and polynomial solver, Matrix and vector calculations, Variable memory: 9.

Built-in solar cell, Variable memory: 9, Easy and Intuitive operability, Natural textbook display. What customers say about "Features". Manufacturer Warranty. Texas Instruments TI Titanium. Texas Instruments TI Plus. HP 12c Platinum Calculator. Best Graphing Calculators. Best Cordless Phones.

Best e-Readers for True Lovers of Reading. Best Book Lights for Comfortable Reading. Best Capture Cards.It now appears to be, by far, the best TI calculator for these exams. Good to know, Ben. This is one of the best non-graphing calculators TI has produced. Another fail: Adjust Contrast doesn't seem to work. At least mine doesn't. I still like it and think it a good deal for the price. Don't blame the calculator because you don't understand proper syntax. In what world is [ But then again it needs to be better defined just what exactly is expected to calculate the percentage against.

Good question jmnbastista. I looked over the TIX Pro manual but couldn't find a reference to that function. Does the TIX Pro have that function somewhere in it? Actually, one of the features I like about this calculator is that you can use the arrow keys in the middle of a calculation to grab values from previous calculations and input them into the current one.

It's more intuitive and easier to keep track of than switching registers. I rarely use the variables memory because of this feature.

The contrast key does work!!! Press 2nd key, release, press contrast key, release IMO, Its a funktion you'd have to know it existed, and would cause errors if you don't. Previous models had two well defined registers left- and righthand that were used by each operation. Since the 36X Pro allows more complex expressions, there is no intuitive way to define which operands should be switched.

But to do the operation as 9. So when algorithms are wrtitten for scientific calculators, the mind sets are diff.Thanks for having this item in stock via online. We looked several places and found out it was a hot seller!

Whole process from ordering to picking up at store of my choice was great! Compared to the Casio calculator, this TI looks very impressive. I really like the Casio, but there are more functions on the TI, your calculations are retained even when the calculator is turned off not so with the Casioand there other features which make the TI a very good choice.

I do not like the buttons for division multiplication, minus, and plus on the TI calculator. They are etched on chrome, and a very hard to read. However, I used a sharpie to make it more readable, and it seems to work fine.

I have now started using the TI, and have put the Casio aside. I use this calculator for my physics class and it is able to serve all the necessary functionsm needed. I love its simplicity and prize.

I bought this along with the TIXS. It's as good as the TIXS for a couple of dollars more; however, it "looks" more professional as the color is black, silver, and chrome versus the cream, teal, and lime green. Purely cosmetic. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location. Learn more. Report incorrect product information.

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ti 36x pro vs casio 991ex

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ti 36x pro vs casio 991ex

Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Self-Certified Fabricobbler. This is my opinion. Your mileage may vary. The buttons are incredibly shallow and mushy and don't inspire confidence. I tried using it for an hour and I couldn't get used to the feel.

Were all Casio's like this? On the other hand, the black matte textured front feels nice. For kicks and giggles, I opened it up. Image attached. JPG Specmaster Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Mortymore Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. I have both of those models at home. The latest EX I gave it to my wife and like Dave it was ordered from some indian Ebay seller when I first saw the Classwiz, and now it's my wife favourite calculator.

The EX is much faster that any other calculator I have. Later I bought an fxex for my daughter as an upgrade from an HP 10s. About the keyboard Amazon replaced it instantly so not a big deal. Shock Super Contributor Posts: Country:. The best Casio keys in my opinion were the hard plastic ones of the 80s.

The newer models always seem to have a couple of design flaws that affect usability. TI eats Casio toys for lunch. Quote from: voltsandjolts on April 13,am. Quote from: bd on April 13,am. Quote from: gildasd on April 13,pm. Quote from: Mortymore on April 13,pm. Very funny of you, but I'm sure you know what I mean. PS: TO TO-3 understood. Quote from: Shock on April 13,am. Quote from: 2N on April 13,pm. The information is there not to be an axiomatic truth, but instead each speck of data must be slowly inhaled while carefully performing a deep search inside oneself to find the true metaphysical senseSearch Member List Calendar Help.

Login — Register. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. Post: 2. I think you've broken the secret code! This is exactly what TI wants you to conclude, and no doubt influenced the design decisions.

Post: 3. Between Spock not the baby doctor and Inspector Clouseau, my deductive reasoning skills are sharp. Post: 4. Definitely just replace the battery. This calculator is too nice to throw away. There are a lot of screws to remove but its fairly to replace the single CR lithium battery.

Here is a nice write-up on how to do it by ifixit.

ti 36x pro vs casio 991ex

Post: 5. Does TI really make the battery compartment so complicated to access to let users throw the calculator away? I see this with smartphones too, that have an integrated battery not that easy to replace well and also the newer nspire.

Using the TI-36X Pro

I have one of those smartphone with replaceable battery and it can work even without battery, and that's great.

Those things are mostly eternally useful as most of the operations done in a day are the four basic functions. Consumerism is really cancerous for the planet. Post: 6. Post: 7.

TI-36X Pro vs FX-115ES Plus?

In the old days, the sales rep would do that. I am not so sure now.I have ordered the TI. Is this a good decision? I've heard of a memory overload bug of the TI which gives wrong answers. Can you please tell me how to get around the bug? My main focus is matrix and someone told me that this one has more matrix functions for matrices.

Can you please confirm that? Your blogs have been very helpful about calcs. So, keep up the good work. First of all thank you for the compliment An Artist, very much appreciated.

According to one of the reviewers on the flipkart. I have not found any additional information about this. Personally I have not encounter this problem. Now the matrix commands. I am going to list the available matrix functions for each calculator. First up, Casio, then Texas Instruments.

Keep in mind both calculators allow only for real-numbered elements. A separate "Ans" matrix is also available. Hope this helps, Eddie. I have received my TI 36X pro and I'm loving it. Or only for matrices? Internet is full of review but it seems there are not very differences between these 2 nongraphing calculators, isn't it? The 36X Pro retains both your calculation history, and your current calculations.

Eddie, I purchased the Casio fxes plus and love it. The only issue I have found is in matrix mode. Some matrices are inconsistent. RREF attempts to reduce the matrix of the form: [[ 1 0 I hope this helps, Eddie.

Labels: fxesfxesmatricesTIX Pro. An Artist November 27, at AM. Dario April 8, at AM. Unknown May 14, at AM. Unknown May 31, at PM. Edward Shore June 9, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Casio fxEX Classwiz Review. Probability: Odds of Winning at Slot Machines. The Odds of Hitting it Big The number of possible combinations is fairly easy to calculate. You multiply the number symbols each slot hasTweaked version of its predecessor, the fxES Plus, and worth it just on looks alone!

Appearance is almost a work of art and with its attractive, main menu icons, looks stunning. It is, however, highly functional as well and possesses amazing features for the money, including two unique ones: a polynomial inequality solver and a ratio solver.

Casio FX-991EX Scientific Calculator Review

Don't get too carried away though! This is not a true graphical calculator, it isn't programmable, can't be connected to a computer, and, unlike the fxGII, you can't add a range of apps. Also, don't expect the same build quality, either! A great little calculator though and well worth the low price on eBay.

I bought this calculator because it has variable memories, which means you can save values for letters A, B, C, D, E, and F into the calculator to use later on.

I was having trouble memorizing a certain constant, so I saved it in my calculator. It also comes with lots of constants pre-programmed. I also love that i can go back and edit formulas after i get an answer.

ti 36x pro vs casio 991ex

The execution of several expression spaced by semi colon don't work correctly. By example the next line: The first time that you write the semi colon, the expression is erased. I was trying more than ten times to do that. The only way is re-edit the first expression and move the pointer at the very end of the expression to continue writing. On the other hand, I was unable to get help from Casio directly. It is very easy to use, so many useful functions that make calculations easier than ever.

I am glad I opted for this upgrade. I recieve very fast and on excelent conditions. The perfect choice for both high school and college students with built-in functions. Natural textbook display shows formula and results exactly as they appear in the textbook.

Improved math functionality with standard deviation, multi-replay function, logarithm log and list-based STAT data editor. Vintage Calculators. Disappointment with the erratic behavior The execution of several expression spaced by semi colon don't work correctly. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a functional calculator for engineering. Casio Scientific Calculators. Graphing Calculators. Basic Calculators.

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